Healthy Eating



The Sapori D'Italia range is meeting the growing trend for convenient yet healthy diet. All of our products are preservative free for the authentic taste of Italy. Sapori D’Italia prides itself on choosing the best and freshest raw ingredients in all its recipes .


Our freshly prepared ranges of products are vacuumed packed in our purpose built factory here in the UK, this ensures that all flavours and textures remain at their very best whilst increasing the shelf life of the product.


Every product is vacuum packed, additive free and preserved naturally, to retain the deep flavour and fragrance of the ingredients.


No glass jars or artificial preservatives are used, meaning its customers can be satisfied that what they are getting is a wholesome and safe product that is off the shelf fresh from 60 to 180 days, depending on the product.


We committed to using only the best quality products and continually investigate each ingredient from our suppliers to ensure they are 100% safe and compliant. We hold the EFSIS certificate of conformity Grade A, ensuring only the highest standards are maintained.



We will simply throw away any products that do not meet with our extremely high standards of quality control.


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